Saturday, November 7, 2009

Breakfast for Supper

Having a pretty low key night and decided to make some eggs. Aren't they wonderful? Simple. Delicious. And can be made a hundred different ways! I've recently taken to eating them over easy, runny, so when you cut into them, the yolk runs spilling all over the plate and you must chase it with your bread to get every last golden bite. Tonight's edition was "toad in the hole" aka eggs in a basket, aka birds in a nest, aka everyone has a different name for this dish! There are a million different names for this dish, but the end result is always delicious. Take some bread- doesn't matter if it's wheat, white, rye or sourdough- cut out a hole in the middle. Butter in the skillet, addthe bread, crack an egg in each hole, cook a couple of minutes and flip. Don't forget to season the eggs before flipping; I have found two cracks of black pepper per egg is perfect. Now slice into perfection and start chasing!

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